I love my religion of Islam, but hate the doctored fact that terror it has become synonymous with. I can no longer stand idle and let people of little intellect and devoid of any true knowledge of Islam associate it with terror and violent extremism.

What drives me to rage is while not only we have people of shirk, bidah and hizbiyyah defiling the pure religion of Islam, not a day goes by when a new terror group raises its ugly head claiming to “liberate” Muslims from oppression.

And then we have the late night commentators, media personalities, politicians and their ilk whose job, it seems, is to malign Islam on a daily basis. Out of sheer ignorance, hatred and fear they speak about Jihad, Sharia and Islam while they don’t possess an iota of knowledge. But what could give the bearers of falsehood more pleasure than spew lies against Islam?

This is my effort to clarify the truth and explain to the readers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, how Islam and terrorism are diametrically opposite, and can never co-exist. How Islam has always been in direct opposition to violent extremism and cannot accommodate such deviation within its pristine creed.

Yes, there are Muslims who have taken up terrorism and violence as their means of struggle against both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Their ideology is not founded on the religion of Islam but rather on a vacuum which is filled with an amalgamation of Leninist ideals married with ideas of liberty and social justice.

I realized that I could put my MBA, knowledge of marketing, economics and psychology to good use. Insha’allah here it is.