Want to gift to your non-Muslim neighbour, colleague at the workplace or anyone that thinks Islam is all about killing people? Give them something easy, addictive and really beneficial to read. Gift your non-Muslim neighbour a copy of Islam and Terror.

This book might not convert them, but it might make them not hate and fear Islam.

Join the Jihad against ignorance, evil and violence. Before you join this jihad, there are somethings you must know:

1). Be sincere. We are spreading knowledge of Islam not so we can brag about how many copies we’ve sponsored or that the name of the author gets widely known. This has to be done purely for the sake of Allah the Most High.

2). We send this to anyone and everyone. For verily, Allah the Most Wise commanded Musa (Moses) and Haroon to speak to the Pharoah in a kind manner and not deal with him harshly. And Remember that Pharoah was an oppressor, false god, tyrant, and a mass murderer!

3). Be patient. Islam was given victory after 23 years of preaching, jihad, struggles and perseverance. If you are looking for instant results, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our reward is not how many people we can change, but how many deeds we do truly for the sake of Allah. Remember that some of the Messengers did not gain any followers, and some only a handful.

Now, with that out of the way…

It is our aim to have this book read by as many people possible. For them to read, understand what Islam says about terrorism and how we are so far removed from it. For people, Muslim and non-Muslim, to know that Islam is a religion of justice, peace and fairness. For people to know Islam creates security for Muslim and the non-Muslim.

In an age where Islam is being made synonymous with terrorism and evil, don’t you want to do your part to educate people about Islam? Do you not think this Jihad is for you? The Jihad of spreading knowledge?

What can you do?
It will take you US$7.95/- to ship one copy of Islam and Terror to anywhere in the World. For less than the price of a pizza, you can do Jihad and help in the fight to remove the idea that Islam is a religion of terror and terrorists.

We waste our money everyday on silly things that we don’t really need. The world needs this. The world needs to be told the truth about Islam and terrorism.

Besides, this will be a great gift. A really high quality publication that anyone can read and benefit from.


I would like to to donate:

1 Copy of Islam and Terror
for US$ 7.95/-
5 Copies of Islam and Terror
for US$ 25/-
10 copies of Islam and Terror
for US$ 50/-
20 Copies of Islam and Terror
for US$ 80/-