Is Islam a religion of terror ?

Is suicide bombing allowed in Islam ?

Are terrorists considered martyrs ?

What is the source of modern day terror ?

Is it allowed to harm non-Muslims ?

We live in disturbing times. Everyday brings news of acts of terrorism committed in the name of Islam. Be it groups like ISIL video casting beheadings to suicide bombings in Afghanistan, Islam is now portrayed as the source of all terrorism in news media.

Is that the truth? Does Islam really support such acts of violence? Is it Jihad? Are the ones committing such acts heroes?

Islam & Terror is a sensational new book that investigates the links between Islam, extremism and terror. Written for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the book honestly researches the history of extremism within Islam, its causes and the inspiration behind modern day, contemporary terrorist groups. If you are interested to know what motivates individual suicide bombers and groups like ISIL, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda, this is the book for you.